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  • Our vision
    Our vision is to create a better and more diverse workplace with equal opportunities for everyone through radical transparency and accountability
  • Our mission
    We are a technology-driven and evidence-based startup on a mission to catalyze equal opportunities for everyone through transparency. Our unique approach combines qualitative and quantitative data for companies to go from insight to action. Our mission is to change the world together.

What makes us, us?


We see solutions where others see problems. We rely on big data and research-based methods to identify complex problems and provide evidence-based solutions.


We are not afraid to voice our opinion, make brave choices and challenge the established. Integrity drives our bold decisions. We strive to innovate new solutions to old problems.


Our community is our family and their trust are the building blocks of our DNA. Anonymity and honesty is our life-long promise.


We believe the world can only change if everyone pushes in the same direction. Our playful approach is inclusive and we strive to unite rather than blame or shame in our actions. We always see the positive and act in a constructive manner.

“Building a startup is exciting. Knowing that our team's efforts bring us closer to equal opportunity for all people through transparency fills our days with meaning, energy and grit”

Isabelle Ringnes & Marie Louise Sunde
Founders Equality Check