Why we do it

Diversity and gender equality has been on the agenda for many years.

Despite efforts, we are still not seeing the change we long to see.

In 2017, the WEF gender gap report estimated that with the current rate of progress, it will take 217 years before we reach economic gender equality globally. This is the first time in the history of this report that the prognosis has decreased. In other words;

Equality will not be solved anytime soon unless we speed up the process.

Many employees with minority backgrounds, employees who identify as gay or physically disabled employees experience the direct consequence of unconscious bias, microaggression and discrimination. Studies show that employees are reluctant to share bad conduct and culture with their managers because they are afraid of negative reactions or reprimands. In 2017, 19 million people tweeted #MeToo, proving that a large group of women still experience sexual harassment at work.

This falls back to corporate culture. However, the crucial inside information on the level of unconscious and conscious discrimination is not accessible for employees before they start working at a company.

The inside information from employees describing experiences of unconscious gender bias, discrimination and sexual harassment is crucial for companies to be able to change the company culture into an including environment providing equal opportunities for all employees. This is the only way to attract and keep talent. By empowering employees to raise their voice in solidarity, we believe companies will have no choice but to listen to the voices of thousands of employees.



Raise your voice in a constructive way to drive change

Be part of a community helping other people

Get inside information on company culture in terms of diversity - where you will have an opportunity to achieve your dreams and ambitions without being limited by gender, nationality, age, sexuality or functional ability etc.


Get the "off record" information that is crucial to build the right company culture and give equal opportunities for all employees to attract and keep the best talent.

It’s great for employer branding! Joining the platform will prove your true commitment to diversity, your belief in transparency and your valuation of equality.