Who we are

Marie Louise Sunde and Isabelle Ringnes founded the youth-led organization #Hunspanderer in Norway 2015. #HunSpanderer has had two successful campaigns addressing unconscious bias and gender stereotypes reaching millions of people. Following the campaigns we have seen a significant call for action and solutions on how to improve gender balance in the workplace. That lead us to found AS #ShesGotThis , Equalitycheck and EqualityCheck for Business.


Marie Louise Sunde

Marie is co-founder and CEO of Equality Check. Marie is a medical doctor, works as a surgeon, has a PhD in surgery, and has become a strong voice in the medical #metoo movement in Norway. Sunde is also advisor for the organisation Partnership for Change, working to empower women in Ethiopia and Myanmar.She is the co-author of the book Hvem Spanderer.


Isabelle Ringnes

Isabelle is co-founder and product manager of Equality Check. She has a Master of Science in Media Management from the New School in New York. Isabelle works actively to inspire young girls to chose technology through TENK: the technology network for women. She is faculty at Singularity University Nordic about Diversity and Gender Equality. She is host of the podcast Future Forecast. She is the co-author of the book Hvem Spanderer.



equality check for business

A platform that maps your company’s gender balance based on a set of indicators decided in collaboration with leading researchers. The platform identifies problem areas and suggests evidence-based solutions.



ShesGotThis offers speaking engagements and events for organizations who want to raise awareness on gender bias. Our goal is to communicate the issue in a way that feels including, positive and fact-based.



In March 2019 Marie & Isabelle published the bestselling book Hvem Spanderer? on the topic of unconscious bias and gender stereotypes. The book is in Norwegian.

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