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Happy Pride!

Use your voice to celebrate your workplace's dedication to Equality for all.

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Together with Skeiv Ungdom and Oslo Pride, Equality Check is dedicated to accelerating a society in which each individual will have equal opportunity. The LGBTQI+ community has faced discrimination in the workplace on the premise of their identity or sexuality for centuries. By increasing transparency, we can catalyze change. Join our movement, use your voice, and leave an anonymous review about your workplace today!

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Review your workplace and have your voice heard

Take two minutes to leave an anonymous review about your current or previous employer. How do you experience the culture, management, and work-life balance?

How is it anonymous?

Your answers are mixed up with everyone else’s and are presented as an average. We never combine demographic information in a way that can expose your identity.

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Start the change, together.

When enough people raise their voice, we believe we can collectively catalyze positive change through transparency and accountability.

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