Equality Check for Business

Equality Check for Business is a data-driven and evidence-based approach to help companies and organizations improve gender balance.


do you represent a company?

Our B2B version of the crowdsourced-driven Equality Check is a unique tool for companies who want to go from insight to action. Basically, solve their problems and reap the benefits of a more diverse organisation. Equality Check for Business measures gender balance based a specific set of indicators selected in collaboration with the leading research institution Centre for Research on Gender Equality to provide an accurate and comprehensive overview of gender balance in your company.


identify problem areas and find solutions

It’s hard to solve a problem if you don’t know where it arises. Our tool helps you identify the specific problem areas in your company (ex. level 3, line roles, salary gap) so that you can begin accurate and targeted patch work. From there, you will be pointed to our resource page where you will find research-based and concrete solutions for how you can start to improve the diversity of your company.


future features

Shortly you will also be able to integrate data and showcase your company on Equality Check so that current and prospective employees can view the efforts you have taken in place to ensure that your company is the right one to work for.

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