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How reviews will help your business

Three reasons why reviews help build a successful business


Many businesses make the mistake of not actively collecting employee feedback and reviews on sites like Equality Check. They may have more pressing priorities or concerns about potential negative feedback. However, research shows that reviews can provide strong value for all businesses. Here are three reasons why employee reviews are vital to the success of your business:

1. Reviews impact talent

A recent study revealed the impact reviews have on job seeker’s decision-making:

  • Diversity was the number one top recruiting trend in 2018.
  • 69% of people wouldn’t take a job in a company with a bad reputation.
  • 77% of people actively seek reviews about a company before making a decision
  • 67% say diversity is an important factor when considering a new job.
  • The number one reason people change jobs is career opportunity. Employees today, both men and women, rate opportunity, autonomy, flexibility and work-life balance as the most important factors when choosing a job.

These results demonstrate how workplace reviews can impact attracting and retaining top talent. If you’re not collecting fresh feedback, you may be losing top talent to competitors who do.

Why should you have this data?

  • Attract and retain talent. No matter the size of your companey, attracting and keeping talent is becoming increasingly competitve. Young talents care most about equal opportunity and future potential - show them you provide this and that you will in the future.
  • Analyze results. If you subscribe to Equality Check Basic, we can help you analyze your results and suggest solutions specific to your company.
  • Dig deeper into the insights. Do you have problems recruiting and retaining women or talents with an ethnic minority background?
    • Results in EC can show you that women and/or ethnic minorities feel:
      • Less included.
      • Less likely to see a future.
      • Less opportunity.
    • How to improve:
      • Communicate often.
      • Make career plans with clear goals and timelines.
      • Many competitive jobs require a lot in the years you have children - the risk-reward analysis is very different depending on whether or not you think you will “win” in the end.

If you subscribe to Equality Check Premium you will get a research-based tool to identify pipeline and improve. This will be compliant with the new “aktivitet og redegjørelsesplikten” that is implemented in 2021.

2. More reviews over time can lead to higher ratings

The average Equality Check review rating is 4.2/5

Ratings on review sites usually become higher over time. Why? Early reviews often have neutral experiences, which is reflected in initial reviews. As a workplace gets more reviews, the average rating tends to increase.

The vast majority of reviewers are positive and leave constructive comments. As of today, we have more than 5,000 reviews, and only one comment has been flagged. Only 3% of the live companies have a score of less than 3 out of 5.

Consistently collecting reviews yields a more accurate assessment of your company – which is important to you, potential employees and customers. With more reviews, the impact of extreme feedback can be limited. Another way to look at it is to use any negative review to improve and to help ensure future ratings continue to rise.

3. Feedback helps businesses evolve

Reviews are a free way to assess how your business is performing culture-wise. They highlight what’s going well and where improvements can be made.

Be in the forefront - embrace the future and be a company that is remembered as a changemaker, and not a lagger.

  • Transparency is increasing and will happen whether you want it or not.
  • Now is the time to act, because the longer you wait the harder it will be.
  • We see movements addressing equal opportunity (#MeToo, #Blacklivesmatter).
  • History will remember those who acted and those who did not.

Get important information:

  • How data can be broken down to interesting information:
    • We can filter on different subgroups. This means you will be able to break down the data to see how each group responds. Important information can be hidden in average scores.
    • This is done in our filtering-function in the full report
  • How to get the kind of information you do not get anywhere else
    • Because we are a third-party provider, we can ask more questions. If the respondents want to, they can answer things that employers cannot ask about. This means that we can break down information in sub-groups like ethnic minority/majority, LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ, etc in addition to gender. As a company, you can find out how the different sub-groups feel about working in the company, and learn where you are performing well and where you can improve.
    • Employees will answer more true/objective as they remain anonymous and leave a review through a third party. We know that many employees are reluctant to answer truthfully in employee-surveys as they are afraid they will be exposed indirectly and that their answers can lead to reprimands (which also sometimes is the case).How to collect reviews

So, how can your company collect more reviews? Equality Check has a free tool that can help. Start by asking your employees to review their workplace. Based on their feedback, you may have some eye-openers as to how you can improve.

“I encourage all members to evaluate their jobs at Equality Check. The more reviews that are posted on the platform - the greater the transparency we achieve. It is good for both the industry and society.” - Leader of Finansforbundet

90% of people trust online reviews as much as a friend.

You can claim a free profile on Equality Check to show your commitment or sign-up for the basic plan and respond to reviews, add additional administrators, use the Equality Check badge, and more.

Collect more reviews – easily!

Common questions:

  • We already have internal surveys, why should we encourage Equality Check
    • Employees will most likely not tell the full truth in internal surveys.
    • You cannot ask about many of the parameters that most often cause unconscious bias - so you cannot really know from internal surveys.
    • This is also about a bigger cause - gathering data to increase transparency on a larger level.
  • What if we get bad reviews?
    • Many are afraid that only the very unhappy employees will leave a review. So far, this turns out not to be the case. Most employees will leave a review if you ask them.
    • If you get worse results than you were hoping for:
      • First, ask all of your employees to leave a truthful and honest response. If you have more than a 30% response rate, and you still have worse results than you hoped for - this is great for you to know. Never be afraid of the truth. The thing is - the truth is already circulating. It is better to have it up in the open so you know and can improve. The truth is only a problem if you try to cover it.
      • We can help you improve! The first step towards change is to know what the problem is and where it is. Companies that commit to change see results!

To make life a little easier for you, we've created an example text you can send to your employees to encourage them to Equality Check your company today (Norwegian version below):

Dear employee,

We want to contribute to a more equal and transparent labor market! We therefore partner with Equality Check, who has developed a new website where employees can go in to assess perceived gender equality in the workplace. We hope, of course, that our employees are satisfied with our equality, and if you are not - we would like to know! We encourage you to consider assessing us. The form will take two minutes to complete. Visit equalitycheck.it and leave a review!

The reviews are anonymous and will never be associated with your identity. This website is a great way to showcase our work place to potential employees when reviews become available to everyone. We want to be a forward-looking and forward-looking company and believe that transparency is the key to change. We hope you will contribute to a more equal workplace with equal opportunities for everyone.


Kjære ansatt,

Vi ønsker å bidra til et mer likestilt og gjennomsiktig arbeidsmarked! Vi samarbeider derfor med Equality Check, som har utviklet en ny nettside der ansatte kan gå inn å vurdere opplevd likestilling på arbeidsplassen. Vi håper selvsagt at våre ansatte er fornøyde med likestillingen hos oss, og om dere ikke er det - vil vi gjerne vite det! Vi oppfordrer deg til å gå inn å vurdere oss. Skjemaet tar to minutter å fylle ut. Gå inn på equalitycheck.it og legg igjen en anmeldelse!

Vurderingene er anonyme og vil aldri knyttes til din identitet. Denne nettsiden er en flott måte å vise frem vår arbeidsplass til potensielle ansatte når anmeldelsene blir tilgjengelig for alle. Vi ønsker å være en fremoverlent og fremtidsrettet bedrift og tror på at transparens er nøkkelen til endring. Vi håper dere vil være med å bidra til en mer likestilt arbeidsplass med like muligheter for alle.

See which companies are rated the highest as of today.

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